Thursday, May 28, 2009

SAA sucks

We are safe and sound in DC, and I've been attending the Global Health Council conference, learning a lot and making some interesting connections. 

The 18-hour flight with the baby was bad, but it could have been worse. He slept for about 8 hours, and only screamed a little. But when we arrived, wouldn't you know it, my bags didn't show up. Again. I freaking hate South African Airlines. They also lost Milo's carseat. When we pointed out that we couldn't exactly leave without a car seat, they loaned us one they had lying around (probably someone else's lost luggage). 

The we got to the car rental place and discovered that the carseat did not actually have any child restraint straps. So it was useless. We ended up renting a carseat from the car rental company, at basically the cost of buying a new one.

I have been wearing the same dress for three days. 

If you can avoid it, never fly through Johannesburg on South African. As soon as I have a spare minute, and angry complaint letter is headed their way.

Well, I've got another session to attend, so I'll check back in soon!


Anonymous said...

Hit them hard. But glad you made it, even if your luggage didn't.

Anonymous said...

Hi website dedciated to how bad South African Airways really is, DONT FLY SOUTH AFRICAN AIRWAYS