Tuesday, May 19, 2009


It's voting day in Malawi! I've never seen Lilongwe quite so quiet - there are so few cars out on the road. It seems everyone is being very cautious, going to "voterani" then going straight home.

I ignored the advice of my office, and did not stay home today. Jorge and I went to the local polling station, where we asked for permission to take a few photos. After establishing that we were not media, official observers, or rabble-rousers, they said yes. I didn't stay long, as I didn't want to make people uncomfortable - after all, most African countries have had at least some experience with voter harassment. But here are some pictures from today's election:

The Polling Station

People waiting in line to vote
The man at the first table is being checked to make sure his identification matches the voter rolls. The woman at the second table is having her fingers dipped in ink to make sure she can't vote more than once.

Inky fingers and a voter registration card

Making his mark

Casting her ballot


jcelestelay said...

This is really cool, Gwyneth!

Jesse said...


Joan said...

You did really well to get these pictures.

Tina said...

That's awesome!!! Glad to see that things went smoothly!

Dad said...

I see the results are already being questioned:
"Malawi's main opposition on Wednesday rejected election results in the country's central province, saying there had been irregularities during vote counting."
Ballots being delivered to counting stations in envelopes that were not sealed for example. I hope it is just a blip.