Thursday, May 7, 2009

Ah, sorry, no update in a while.

You see, I am finishing my job in 2 ½ weeks. So I am sort of in crunch mode now. Not much time to blog. Those last couple of weeks are always the worst, when you start remembering all sorts of long-forgotten tasks that must be finished before you go. And then the writing of the handover notes (and mine are always incredibly comprehensive. It’s a compulsion to leave things neater than I found them). Then, the thing that always seems to keep me in the office fours after closing time on my last day – clearing off my computer files and cleaning out my desk.

Over the weekend, Jorge went with friends to Mt. Mulanje where he hiked up to the plateau, then did a 30-mile run between all the mountain huts up there. It was a challenge finding a Malawian who would consent to be their guide, and then apparently there was lots of grumbling and complaints from the poor guide that it was hot and he was tired. But they had a nice time, and Jorge is now finished with the long runs that he has been doing in preparation for the Comrades race in Durban, a ludicrous 56 miles. (I always like to point out the fate of Phidippides, the first marathon runner, when Jorge starts planning another ridiculously long race. What happened to him, you ask? He ran to Marathon, delivered his message, then keeled over, dead. That’s a good enough cautionary tale for me.)

Also, don’t ask me what happens in 2 ½ weeks. There are plans afoot, but I am not at liberty to discuss yet. All shall be revealed when the time is right.

Anyway, back to the weekend. Jorge committed a major marriage sin – leaving me to deal with the car problems. There is one chore I hate most in the world, and it’s car maintenance. One, I hate being patronized by men who think they know better than me (even when it’s true), and two, I hate being at the mercy of mechanics, who can pretty much tell you anything they want. What, am I going to rip out the engine and say “but look, the seal on the crank shaft drive is just fine!”?

However, I got it all fixed, spent the weekend on my own with Milo without my brain melting, and even managed to get a significant chunk of cleaning and photo editing done. I am Supermom. And I am considering free-lancing as a life coach. Any takers?


Jesse said...

Where ever you land next, I really hope I can come visit you. This once every four years thing isn't working for me! Miss you and sending love!