Saturday, July 26, 2008

Milo and his grandparents

I'm hopelessly behind, and I apologize. We've been keeping the same hectic pace here as ever, and are enjoying spending time with Jorge's family. Milo's charming them as he does everyone. He now can roll from back to front as well as stomach to back. His interests include squealing, trying to blow raspberries, and grabbing toys to put in his mouth. Doesn't sound like much, I know, but it's progress.
Tomorrow Milo will be baptized. The poor little guy is going to wear a traditional long christening gown from Colombia that his friends will forever mock him for once they get old enough to realize it made him look like a girl. Oh, the fun you can have with babies when they are too malleable to put up a good defense.

I wanted to share a couple pictures from L.A., though, where Milo met his great-grandparents for the first time. My grandpa, or Paga, as we call him, is turning 93 this year, and he is a treasure. You couldn't ask for a more generous, caring, or fun-loving grandfather.

Grandma, whose age I will not reveal, is still looking glamorous and beautiful. My sister told me a funny story about her last week. She was having dinner with our grandparents in one of those restaurants where they put up photos of famous patrons that had come to dine. As they walked along the hall, commenting on the different pictures, they passed a photo of Ike and Tina Turner. Grandma just said "Hmph. They were horrible neighbors," and moved on as if living next door to Tina Turner was the most normal thing in the world.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

How much fun is Photoshop?


(Jorge's 'stache is real (and thankfully long gone), Milo's isn't.)

We are under another full-scale invasion. This time it's Jorge's mom, sister, and two nieces. So it's a bit of a mad-house here. Two of Jorge's friends just left earlier this week, and they did many blog-worthy, life-endangering things that I will try to write about soon.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Happy Birthday to me!

So, I am writing this a day late, but it's my birthday post! 31 years. What a nice, round, prime number.

It was a good day. Two of Jorge's friends just arrived for a visit. We went out for breakfast, then in the afternoon I went to the pool with my sister. Milo wasn't too sure about the water at first, then splashed around like a little tadpole.

In the evening we had a barbecue. I went out with my friend Nicole to pick up something from her car, and when I got out front I spotted a very nice car in my driveway. "What's that doing there?" I thought.

Nope, it was not a birthday gift. That would have been cool, but no. My dad got a convertible! Apparently he got it two weeks ago but just didn't deign to tell us. "It's a bit of a chick magnet," he admitted to my sister. "Don't tell Joan."

Here are some pictures from the party:

Jorge with his friends Jonathan and Daniel, who are visiting for a week.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

And we have a roller!

Happy 4th of July everyone. It was always one of my favorite holidays - picnics, fireworks...and it's one week before my birthday, so I knew the countdown to gifts and cake was on. Yesterday we spent the day with my grandparents. It was so wonderful to see how much delight my Paga took in his great-grandson. The two of them hit it off like gangbusters.

Speaking of Milo, one area (of many) in which we are lax is in giving him "tummy time". For those of you without kids, supposedly you are meant to put babies down on their stomachs for 15 minutes a day, so they can develop their neck muscles, and avoid getting a flat spot on the backs of their heads. Since Milo's head is a pleasingly round shape, and his neck seems pretty strong to me, I just never get around to this. But today, since I was at my super-mom sister's house, I put him down on his tummy just so I didn't look like a bad parent. And much to my surprise, Milo rolled right over! And did it again, and again! Until he bumped his head on his cousin's train set and started to cry.

Well, we've got visitors now, so I have to run. We're in L.A. until Wednesday, then another round of visitors begins in Seattle. The fun never ends!