Friday, May 15, 2009

Everything is Illuminated

So, the tickets are booked, the contract is signed…I can finally share with you our plans.

[Drum Roll]

Jorge, Milo and I are going to…

…stay put in Malawi!

Yep, I’ve taken another 2-year contract with my current employer. Instead of being the Health and Nutrition Advisor responsible for national nutrition policy and programs, I’ll be the Health and Nutrition Advisor responsible for maternal and child health programs.

OK, so it’s not such a glamorous, exciting move, but it’s a good solid one, for the following reasons:

1) Malawi is a good place to be for Jorge, Milo, and me. There are a lot of families with babies and small children, and pretty good resources such as music classes, baby groups, and decent daycare. It’s safe, stable, and we have friends here.
2) In the current economic climate, not having to job-hunt is a big bonus for me.
3) My employer has very family-friendly policies, which makes it possible for to both have a career I love and a good home life
4) I’ll be working in the technical area that I’m really most interested in, child survival, and I’ll be gaining very valuable experience in preventing maternal and neonatal deaths. It’s an opportunity to do work that I think is incredibly meaningful and important
5) I’m going to be gaining some great skills that will help me in the future, such as developing behavior-change strategies, and doing household health surveys

So, bottom line is, if you’ve been putting off that visit to the Warm Heart of Africa, you’ve got another chance to come and see us here in Malawi, starting July 1st.

In the meantime, US of A, here we come! I’m taking a break in between contracts to go home, have CT scans, attend a conference, go to a wedding. Lotsa fun stuff. Here are our plans:

May 26 – 29 we’ll be in Washington DC. I’ll be attending the Global Health Council conference, but hopefully can at least get out for a dinner or two.

May 30 to June 16 we’ll be in New Orleans, eating every unfortunate little shrimp, crab, and beignet (and crab beignet!) that gets in our way.

June 17 – June 23 (ish) we’re going to New York for Daniel and Lisa’s wedding! Daniel was Jorge’s best man, and Jorge will be repaying the favor. He also plans to get drunk and naked, just like Daniel did at our wedding.

June 24 – 27 I have a few more days in New Orleans to shop and pack. Jorge is staying on until July 7th, so you’ve got even more chances to see him and Milo if you’re nearby.


Cecily said...

WOO HOO! Well that is good news for me! It sounds like extending your time in Malawi was for the best - and now I have time to come visit!

Lex said...

I didn't see anything in your summer/2year plan regarding baby number TWO! Milo must be lonely!

Shannon said...

Congrats on this next chapter!

Daniel I. said...

Why leave a good thing?! : )

dc writers group said...

Sounds like a great opportunity for you...

Cristina said...

Awesome! Me and Jules will be flying into New Orleans June 2nd! I am expecting to eat a ton of shrimp and crawfish as well!!