Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Aw crap.

Man, talk about bad news. Swine flu, the economy's in the dumps, I put on five pounds in South Africa...and our car just died.

Poor Jorge, he was on the way home from Milo's playgroup when it happened. Fortunately a friend passed by and gave him and Milo a lift home. We got the car towed, now we just have to see if it's salvageable. We never should have sold The Wanker. That was a big mistake. Our friends who bought it are still driving around happily in it, never having had a problem.

So now I have to leave work on time for a change so that I can walk home. In heels.

Dang it.


Tina said...

You will lose those 5 pounds in no time walking!! See there is always a positive ;p