Thursday, August 14, 2008

Yeah, I guess it would be blog-worthy... mention that I am traveling again. We're in Ft. Lauderdale today, visiting Jorge's cousin Javier, who just had a baby girl two weeks ago. She is so tiny and delicate! It's hard to believe that Milo was ever that small. He looks like a monster in comparison.

Tomorrow we fly to Costa Rica. Yeah, it was sort of last-minute. Jorge really wanted to go somewhere before we head back to Malawi. We considered Alaska, Colombia, and Canada, but Jorge decided he wanted to go to Costa Rica. So I said fine, as long as he does the planning this time.

So I'm not even all that sure what we're doing. There's a couple days in the "cloud forest," which sounds cool, and several days at the beach, but otherwise I'm just along for the ride. If there's decent internet access I'll try to post updates.


regan said...

my mom lives in Ft. Lauderdale so tell her hi for me :)

Lex said...

Costa Rica is awesome! Everyone is so sweet and the food is good. The "could forest" though is kinda' boring unless you go on a zipline...where are you going to be staying?
Steve and I prefer the Caribbean coast!

Miriam said...

Make sure to have some Ceviche there! Yummy!

Katie said...

Take good notes...that's on my list!