Friday, August 29, 2008

More piccies!

OK, I'm home and have had a chance to organize and edit my photos. It's late and I'm pooped, so you won't get too many editorial comments, I'm afraid.

This is one of the bridges through the forest canopy. It was a very nice hike.
We started our trip at Volcan Arenal, an active volcano. Unfortunately we didn't see the lava, but there was nice hiking in the forest there.
Here's one of the bridges that has been constructed in the forest for hiking. Long way up there!We spent a lovely afternoon lazing around at the Eco Thermales hot springs, which is a small reservations-only place. Milo loved the warm water.
After Arenal, we drove down notoriously bumpy roads to Monteverde, site of a very ecologically diverse cloud forest. Here we are hiking in the forest reserve. Milo was a little bored, I guess.
These little creatures hung around our hotel each morning, looking for handouts from the kitchen.
Jorge taking Milo for a dip in the ocean.
My little beach boys.And here they are in their matching outfits, tired after a long day.

Here's one of those pesky monkeys at Manuel Antonio beach.
Tired little baby!
We saw this sloth on the side of the road, trying to cross. He was slothful, indeed. It took about five minutes to move five feet, and we were concerned for the little guy's safety.
Fortunately, a Costa Rican guy working at a nearby restaurant had no qualms about picking up the wildlife and giving it a lift across the road.


Jesse said...

You and Milo in the spa pool waterfall place is gorgeous! I think I'm coming in the 7th, when do you all fly out?

Lex said...

Arenal is the BOMB! Manuel Antonio is awesome too--great swimming. Pink got married there.