Monday, August 18, 2008

Hi from Costa Rica

Just a quick post from an internet cafe. Right now we´re in Monteverde, thae aforementioned cloud forest. Although every guide book we´ve looked at said it isn´t possible to get here in a regular car during the rainy season, we scoffed (Hah!) and did it anyway. OK, we anxiously crawled along the crappy gravel road, hoping not to get a flat. But let me tell the guidebooks now - Hah! You think these roads are bad? Try driving the road from Mchinji to Luangwa in the rainy season, dude. You don´t even need to think about putting the car into 4WD on these roads here, let alone play chicken slalom while driving through a lake of mud.

Today I did the goofy zipline tour through the rainforest. As I went across a really long cable that stretched hundreds of feet over the forest, I felt the line bounce, and looked at the man waiting to meet me at the end. He was frantically waving his arms. Not a good sign. And I wasn´t slowing down, despite being told that I didn´t need to brake at all on this line. I grasped the line at the last moment with all my might, but still flew toward the platform at an alarming speed, where the man there threw himself at me to try to stop me, and I rammed against the tree holding the line with my feet. Thank goodness I was OK - the man had accidentally let go of the rope he uses to catch people at the end. Hey, great, Selvatura Canopy Tour. Can you please get your security $%& together before you let the new mom on?

We´re being rained on, but still having a good time. Tomorrow Jorge gets to do the canopy tour. (I hope he does not fall to his death.)


mandi said...

Wow Gwyn you are so adventurous! (I don't mean the zipline i mean the drive!) Glad you guys are having a good time. Can't wait to see pics.

Lex said...

Don't worry the tour won't kill Jorge--just the huge spiders.

Katie said...

I think my heart would have leaped right out of my chest! CRAZY! Glad you are okay!!!