Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Well, we've left Costa Rica, and are in Ft. Lauderdale again for the day. Milo's cousin Makayla is a beautiful, tiny little thing, and we're happy to have the chance to get the two babies together. It's amazing to see how much much Milo has grown in the last 3 months. Jorge stuck him on the luggage scale at the airport yesterday (classy, I know) and our litle chunk clocked in at almost 16 pounds.

Speaking of Milo, he was a big hit in Costa Rica. Everyone fussed over him and wanted to hold him - hotel staff, waitresses, flight attendants. It doesn't seem to have gone to his head just yet. Many of them commented on how big he is, and called him Gordito.

As for me, I managed to find another way to screw up a vacation. All the Baby-Bjorn wearing took a toll, and I threw my back out on Thursday. I spent Friday trying not to move at all, then Saturday we got come nice strong pain medications from the pharmacy, and I was able to walk again. Sunday, I thought I was doing much better, so I made the big step of going to the beach. The waves were a bit strong, and as one hit me hard, pushing me sideways, I felt something in my back snap and was wracked with pain all over again. I tried to lay in the sand and let the muscle spasms relax, but got surrounded by (I am not making this up) a pack of hungry monkeys. And a raccoon who kept trying to walk right over my towel.

Only in Gwynnie-land.

OK, I'm going to go grab photos and post some right away.


Jesse said...

Least they were just hungry monkeys, not flying monkeys. If it were the later we'd have to worry about the medications you got!

Lex said...

Steve and I were just talking last night about those Tico monkeys--they'll steal your purse!

Anonymous said...

Those hungry monkeys will jump into your cat steel your food and jump out the other side. They probably sensed your weekened state and attacked! That's a tico for you, all cute and sweet, until they get hungry then watch out!

Anonymous said...

Great, that's the last time I leave a comment using my phone. Hello typo.

Joy H said...

Reminds me of when we went to Africa, with the greedy monkeys - and guides who were fascinated by our bears in America. Monkeys may climb into your car for food, but at least they don't rip the car apart!