Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Mardi Gras!!!!


I miss New Orleans - this is my 2nd Mardi Gras away from the city. It's worse even than missing Christmas (which I have done, in Sudan, so I should know.)

Since it's just wrong to drink alone on Mardi Gras, I've invited just about everyone I know over tonight to keep me and the last bottle of SoCo company.

We'll be having King Cake of course, along with red beans and rice and Natchitoches meat pies. I even managed to find some masks at the "Santa Plaza" store here (which is open all year-round, and has the strangest assortment of totally unconnected items, like forks, children's toys, and enormous polyester underwear.)

By the way, if you have ever considered making King Cake, and are insane enough to think it can be done by hand (after all, what did the old Creole chefs do back before Kitchenaid?), just put down the wooden spoon and back away. Imagine trying to incorporate a cup of butter into a giant ball of well-chewed bubble gum. And then go order it online.