Friday, February 23, 2007

Civilization, here I come!

It's my last day in the office for almost two weeks. Tomorrow morning, I will be on my way, via a long, circuitous route, of course, to Ireland!

Our headquarters is in Dublin, and I was supposed to go when I first started this job back in September. But since I was already working in Malawi at the time, it was decided I would go once I was settled in a bit. So 6 months later, I'm finally off to the land of Guiness, Yeats, U2, and the Shamrock Shake! (You must click that link, by the way. Worth it.)

Everything is just about sorted here. I've started packing, borrowed a warm jacket, picked up my meals allowance, and I just got my ticket in my hot little hand!

While I'm away, my house is going to become a B&B for two of the bigshots who work in our head office. So naturally I've locked up all the good booze. I mean, come on - they're Irish. I would lock up all the beer too, but I'm too lazy to carry it up the stairs, so I will just have to accept a certain amount of loss.

I will spend a week in Dublin, then get my semi-annual CT scans to make sure I'm still cancer-free, then I pop off to London for two nights. I was hoping to spend the weekend there visiting my old roommate from Eritrea, but the appointment is Monday in Dublin, alas, so I'll have very little time in the U.K.

My plans are to:
  • Go on a pub tour in Dublin. History should always come with alcohol.
  • Hit a pub on "trad night" for music
  • Eat obscene quantities of cheese
  • Shop at H&M
  • See cousins and friends
  • Go to Neal's Yeard Dairy to bring home even more cheese
  • A movie would be a treat as well
And you'll still be hearing from me - the hotel has free wireless internet. Man, I love the developed world.