Monday, February 5, 2007

Lucky me!

I have a strange relationship with luck. I would never consider myself a lucky person. I can wipe out an entire blackjack table in 4 hands. Luck likes to knock me around sometimes, then comes right back and picks me up, as if to let me know who's in charge. Everytime something bad happens, some good fortune will come along to alleviate the situation. For example:
  • I got cancer while unemployed with no health insurance (OK, extreme example). BUT, it was the cancer with the highest cure rate, and I ended up getting free health care through the Louisiana Charity system after a friend at Tulane Hospital stepped in for me.
  • Our house got flooded in Hurricane Katrina. BUT, we only got 2 feet, because the levee breached on the other side of the canal. We got quick FEMA aid, and the landlord fixed the whole place up for us within 3 months.
  • The US immigration service lost Jorge's green card. Twice. BUT, it finally came, 9 months late, on the day before we evacuated New Orleans and stopped getting mail for 6 months.
I could name other examples, but you get the picture.

So anyway, small example today:

Over the weekend, I went to the ATM with my new bankcard, which I've only used once. Silly me, I forgot the PIN number. After a couple of efforts, beep beep beep, oops, there went my card.

Now, given that it took about 2 months for the bank to give me the ATM card in the first place, I was a bit worried about how long it would take to get another. So today I went in to the bank and explained my situation. I filled out the form for the replacement card, and when the woman assisting me looked at the application, she said, "Oh, but we already have a card for you." They dug through the unclaimed cards, and it turns out there's been an ATM card sitting at the bank for 2 months, waiting for us to pick it up. I got my PIN number 10 minutes later, and now I'm all set.

So today was a lucky day. I hope that means I'm going to win my Super Bowl bet!