Monday, May 10, 2010

Photos from Argentina

In front of the central courtyard in the ´Casa Rosada´- Argentina´s White (well, pink) House, which is open for tours on teh weekends.

Milo playing with the wildlife at the Buenos Aires Zoo. They pretty much let you feed everything except the lions and bears!

A particularly lovely tomb at the Recoleta Cemetary

Jorge and Milo playing soccer in La Boca, the neighborhood famous for its soccer team and rabid fans.

Milo and me in front of a beautiful old home in Colonia, Uruguay

This is the police car in Colonia. I am not making this up.

Milo in Colonia


Standing at the top of the ¨Devil´s Throat¨ waterfall at Iguazu falls

Just a few of the many waterfalls making up Iguazu Falls


Jessica said...

beautiful, gwyn!

dc writers group said...

Very nice photographs:)