Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Hear that? That is the sound of all my pent up stress starting to slowly leak out of my pores, like a over-inflated inner tube finally starting to release pressure.

Tonight we are here: and it is every bit as nice as the pictures suggest. Even better, in fact, as I just dicovered they have a spa, and have booked a facial and full body exfoliation for myself tomorrow evening. They even have a room completely dedicated just to relaxation. with big lounge chairs looking out at the vine-covered hillside. There is nothing around, just mountains and vineyards, and we hear the dinner (which is included, making this an incredible bargain on top of everything else) is also fabulous. Now, if I didn´t have a demanding two-year old to contend with, I think I would be just as about as relaxed as I have been in years.

I could so get used to this.


Shannon said...

Very nice. Hope you enjoy the spa treatment.