Sunday, May 9, 2010


Well, hello from Argentina. We arrived in Buenos Aires on Friday, April 30th, but we stayed in an apartment with no wi-fi, so no blogging for me. Honestly, there hasn´t been much free time until today either.

Had a nice time in Buenos Aires - there are so many parks and playgrounds for Milo to run around in, such a change from Malawi. We took a day trip to beautifully preserved Colonia, Uruguay, and managed to take in a few of the museums - the museum of Latin American art, which was wonderful, as well as the Museo do Bellas Artes, which had a few stunning 19th century pieces I loved. We also went to the Evita Museum, which left us with more questions than answers. Trying to get a handloe on the history of this country has been very frustrating, everything we read is infuriatingly vague. I´m often struck here, as I am in many of the African countries that I´ve visited, that a dark history passed only very recently, and yet now the country seems so calm and modern. I always wonder in places like this what toll the political instability and violence has really taken on the culture and psyche of the people - it´s something the people themselves always seem to want to gloss over. Hence the vague historical descriptions in museums, you see.

Anyway, I am digressing into the philosophical, and I haven´t even eaten breakfast yet, not a good combination.

Milo is managing well, although restaurants don´t open until 8PM, meaning he has had quite a few late nights. We´ve tried to go back to the hotel to let him get an afternoon nap, but that´s worked only a few times. Also, he now refuses pretty much all food, and asks for juice about 350 times a day. Sigh, That´s what long international flights with free juice will do.

This past Friday, we left Buenos Aires and flew to the very northeastern tip of the country, where Brazil, Argentina, and Paraguay meet, to see Iguazu Falls. I believe these are the 2nd largest falls in the world, after Victoria Falls, but having seen both, I have to say Iguazu is more beatiful, the way the water comes pouring out of the jungle everywhere you look. I can only imagine what those early explorers must have thought when they first came across this gorgeous place.

Alas, the USB port on this computer does not seem to work, so I will have to try from another computer.

No idea what we will do today. Jorge is sick with a cold, and since he is a man, he is on the verge of death, naturally. I´m hoping for a chill-out day, then tomorrow we fly to Salta, in the Northwest.