Monday, April 20, 2009

What is it about us and luggage?

We have clearly ticked off some sort of travel deity or something, because honestly, more often than not something goes wrong with our bags. We arrived back home from South Africa on Sunday. Unfortunately, all four of our bags, PLUS the stroller and carseat that we checked at the gate did not arrive with us.

How did South African airlines manage to lose SIX bags? That weren't even checked in together? The other passengers from Cape Town managed to get their bags. Why were we singled out, yet again? Sigh.

Five of the bags turned up yesterday. The baggage handlers only managed to break one wine bottle, although it turned out to be the most expensive one. And it spilled all over our clothes. At least nothing seems to have been stolen this time.

I am still waiting for my favorite backpack to turn up, the one that has been across 5 continents with me. The one containing the fondue mix and the gnocchi. (Why? Why the gnocchi? Why not Jorge's fig jam?).

*Breaking news*

I just got a text from the airport! The last bag is in!

I have been trying to upload photos from the trip, but the internet is not cooperating. Soon, I promise!