Tuesday, January 20, 2009

News of the week

A couple weeks ago I came home to a big bouquet of roses. “What are these for?” I asked. So Jorge told me “I decided my New Year’s resolution is to be more romantic.” Do I have a great husband or what? I am working this to my advantage, knowing that he likes to set, and achieve, lofty goals. Every time Jorge starts getting irritated with me, which he does frequently, because I am often, as he tells me, “A pineapple in his armpit,” I say sweetly “But honey, you don’t want to break your New Year’s resolution – it’s not even February!”

So for my part, I decided my New Years’ resolution was to stop the downward slide in my grooming habits….That means no letting myself go just because I have a kid now. Jorge is all in favor of this plan. Saturday was a beauty day – I got my hair cut, then my legs waxed. I lightened my hair at home and did my nails as I waited. My hair is a little on the orange side, if you ask me, but it’s Africa – expats are used to bad hair.

The other news from this week was:

  • I broke Jorge’s French Press. This thing has been up mountains, across continents, and was thrown from a moving car. And I broke it putting it down on the counter. He is disconsolate and a little edgy without his coffee.
  • I broke the sugar pot too. Now we have an ant infestation
  • Saturday was date night. Our second date in 6 months! Woo hoo! We went out for Indian and a post-dinner beer, where we reminisced about all the New Orleans bars we used to hang out in.
  • Milo has been sleeping through the night for over a week now. Hallelujah!
  • Yesterday I was invited to a big-shot Ministry of Health meeting by the Secretary for Health. I was the only foreigner there. It is nice that I am so recognized for my work in nutrition here.

Oh, and here's that photo of Jorge's bruise I promised you. Don't worry, it healed fast:


Jesse said...

Good job with the French press, Gwyn - that made me laugh out loud. You are stronger and more fearful than a toss from a car! Hah!

Oh - and I'm jealous you've got Indian food - there is none here in Ellensburg and only one in Yakima - cowtowns! I tell ya!

Lex said...

By week 2 of Milo sleeping through the night you'll feel like a new woman or your old self, depending.
It is FAB!