Tuesday, January 6, 2009

And the award goes to...

I thought I should mention the things that were good and nice about Christmas this year. So the shining stars of Christmas are:
  • My cousin Simon, who invited us over on Christmas Eve even though he was getting married three days later.
  • Joan's niece Suzanne, who had us over the night of Christmas for a light dinner
  • Joan's sister Mary, and her husband Steve, who had us over for a wonderful dinner on Boxing Day, and who gave Milo three books that he just loves
  • My cousing Robert and his wife Jo, who gave Milo his only toy of Christmas
  • My Auntie Diana, who invited the family over for lunch the day after Simon's wedding, and who gave Milo a book for Christmas
  • Our family friends Peter and Judy, who invited us to stay at their home in Wales for a night, even though Judy just had her hip replaced, and who shared their good Scotch with Jorge
  • Our friend Sarah and her husband Matt, who put us up for 6 days in Huddersfield - it's not easy having two Americans, a Colombian, and a baby as houseguests, and they were very generous, kind hosts
  • My sister Miriam, who can make anything fun. The best thing about Christmas this year, by far, was getting to spend it with her.


Amy said...

I'm jealous. Glad Xmas turned out well, I was worried.

Miriam said...

aah, so sweet. Buttering up to me ALWAYS works, I'll get your Christmas presents in the mail right away ;oP I had fun with you guys too. I tell people that was the highlight of my trip as well.