Saturday, June 28, 2008

What knuckleheaded thing is Jorge up to now?

I'm sure many of you have been asking yourself that question, no? After all, I haven't written much about my reckless, goofball husband lately.

Well, since you were wondering, I'll tell you. Today my husband is running in the "Old Gabe" 50K race through Montana's Bridger mountains. For those of you who are flummoxed by the metric system, 50K is a little over 30 miles. So a walk in the park, really.

In true Jorge fashion, he didn't think it was worth wasting a lot of time training for this race. His method is to run one long event once a month or so, showing up and hoping for the best. He has run very little over the last few months, but when he has, it's been all-out: a 50K race in Bellingham, Washington two months ago, and a marathon in Seattle at the beginning of June.

But this race is a whopper compared to those two. He has to run up mountains 4 times, gaining about 2,000 feet in elevation each time. Because of late snows, the course had to be changed at the last minute, because snow fields covered much of the course. Of course, the views will be amazing, but I'm pretty much expecting his legs to be useless tomorrow. So cross your fingers that my husband doesn't fall off some rocky crag today, and I will let you know how it all turns out!

Oh, and one of these days I must write about that 50-miler he did...that was a good story....


Chris said...

So did he finish?!?! ~12000 of elevation gain, that's definitely insane. Oh, he did run an 8K with me in Seattle... hardly a blip in Jorge terms, but it was a race!

Anonymous said...

OMG!! I did the Bellingham race. I did 50 miles, but mile 37, I missed cut off time by 15 min. and I was disqualified to continue to the finish line... but I know it was hard one.

The world get smaller and smaller. It is so funny that I met someone who did the Bellingham...

Good job Jorge!!