Friday, June 20, 2008

People told me I was crazy to consider taking a road trip with a baby. They said, smugly, "just wait until you have the baby - you'll be too tired to travel." Or "It's a lot harder than you think."

I am happy to have added more evidence to my theory that people are just big fat whiners. We're 4 days into our trip to Montana and Yellowstone and having a great time. We drove 6 hours on Monday to Coeur d'Alene, then camped outside town. Tuesday we explored Northern Idaho and camped close to Missoula. On Wednesday we managed to catch a free concert series in the park in Missoula, which was great fun, then drove on to Bozeman, where my aunt lives.

Milo has been a champ. I usually sit in the back seat while Jorge drives so I can give him a bottle when he gets hungry. He has slept through most of the driving.

Jorge is loving it. It's his first camping trip and he's totally sold. He loves cooking over a fire, sleeping in a tent, packing up all the gear. At first we were both a bit dubious, though. We borrowed a bunch of camping equipment from friends and on the first night we dumped out the tent and all the poles and just looked at eachother as if to say "Do you think there's still time to find a motel?" But we managed to work it out in the end.

Jorge didn't really believe I had ever camped before - he thinks I'm much too spoiled. But I proved him wrong by the end of the second night, when I taught him the fine art of making s'mores. (The trick is to slowly roast the marshmallows until they are crispy and golden on the outside and melted through on the inside.)

Tomorrow we leave for Yellowstone for two nights. Updates to follow!


Dad said...

When you are at Alanna's, can you see that she gets a Skype account? WebCam would be good too.

alanna said...
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Joy H said...

Traveling with a baby is harder than without a baby, but it's not that bad and totally worth it. And it's a whole lot easier than traveling with a toddler!

Funny, Chris and I now laugh about how I used to sit in the back seat with Gareth. Baby #2 doesn't get that kind of lovin'!

Jesse said...

Well, if you and Jorge are gonna get all camp happy, you'd better come visit me in NZ!

Hope he doesn't bait the wildlife in Yellowstone with your tastey looking son!