Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Crummy weather, growing babies, and another visit

Today's newspaper had the following headline: "Colder than Siberia"

Turns out it's warmer in Siberia, Alaska, and Norway than it is in Seattle right now. We've had rain every day for two weeks now. I haven't been able to wear any of my new warm-weather clothing.

Seattle sucks, man.

Jorge is feeling bamboozled because I assured him that summers in Seattle are lovely, and would be much more comfortable than New Orleans. Instead we got an unseasonably cold spring, with snow in March, and now it looks like we are heading into an unseasonably cold summer as well. Sheesh.

Milo had a big day yesterday - he is 8 weeks old, and he got first round of shots! He's getting all of them, by the way - I do not buy into the whole vaccine-autism myth. There is not a single empirical study or any credible evidence to show that vaccines cause autism, people. As a child survival specialist, though, I know how many children die each year because they (or the people around them) aren't vaccinated - about 1.5 million in 2000, according to UNICEF. He was also weighed and measured. His stats are:

Length: 23 inches
Weight: 11 lb 8 oz

Our pediatrician told us he's a "perfect little boy" (just as I have always suspected, naturally) because all his measurements are at the 50th percentile, meaning right on average. Which makes me want to say "suck it!" to the two people last week who asked "how many days old" my son was. Fine, I know there are a lot of big babies these days (Milo is now just 14 ounces heavier than I was on the day I was born) but I was starting to get a complex about my son being a midget when it turns out he's perfectly normal. And my in-laws better stop calling him skinny now!

In other news, last week Jorge's brother Ed came out to visit. We had a very nice time, and even got one day of sun, when we went to Mt. Rainier (or simply "the mountain," as it's usually called here). Here are some pictures from his visit:

Still plenty of snow up at the mountain for this time of year. Look at Milo in the baby carrier - he makes me think of the kid in "A Christmas Story" after being so heavily clothed for the winter that he can hardly move his legs.
Ed enjoyed walking in the snow only 24 hours after leaving the sweltering heat of Louisiana.On a day that the weather forecasters predicted would be in the 70s and sunny, we went to the new Seattle sculpture park and froze our little bupkusses off. And this is Milo checking out the seafood at Pike Place Market.

Milo with his Uncle Ed.

We got passed by a rally downtown. Milo joined right in. I'm so proud of my little war-protesting baby!

Next up in our lives - we leave on Moday for two weeks of exploring Big Sky country!


regan said...

Milo is so cute! Painfully cute! And him and Jorge? HAWT.

Tina said...

My favorite is Milo and Uncle Ed!!! He looks so possessed!!!

Shannon said...

I LOVE the picture of Milo with the pacifier. What a cutie! I completely understand where you're coming from with the "skinny" comments from the in-laws. That's all I heard with Jax, but this time we have a chunk baby. That should make them happy.

Hope you have fun on your trip!

Pam said...

uh, looks like you're going to have to keep regan from your husband. ha ha!

milo is SO cute. those cheeks! the wide eyes!

Miriam said...

Just so you know, the weather is beautiful now that you are gone. It's supposed to last through next week, so maybe you two will turn around your negative opinion of Seattle. I mean sucks is such a strong word...