Thursday, May 8, 2008

No longer a helper

This is a little story about my friend Amy. Amy is my sister's best friend, and has known me since I was a bump in my mom's belly.

A couple years ago, my sister and Amy cooked a nice big holiday meal for friends and family. My father wrote an e-mail to his family in England, describing the lovely meal that Miriam made, and all the effort she had gone to. When Amy pointed out that her contribution had gone unacknowledged, dad sent a follow-up e-mail, that simply said: "And Amy helped."

Since then, Amy's been jokingly called "the helper" in our family.

Well, she finally graduated. Last week Amy called and invited me to a chili cookoff that her husband's workplace was having. Much to our surprise, Amy's "Drunken Chipotle Chili" won the top honors (and a $200 prize!) So now we have all been forced to admit that Amy is not just a helper anymore, she's a top chef.