Monday, May 12, 2008

Milo's first Mariners game!

My sister Joy arrived yesterday, husband and two sons in tow, to visit. The house is a zoo, with babies everywhere, burp cloths strewn around the living room, small toys dangerously littering the floor, just waiting to be stepped's a big, fun mess.

Today, Mother's Day, we celebrated with a trip to the baseball game. In my family we are all Mariners fans, regardless of how abysmal they may be playing in any given year. There are few things I enjoy more than camping out in the cheap seats in outfield with a group of friends, chatting over beer and hot dogs.

Today they were giving away free baseball hats for the kids, and very generously gave Milo one too, even though he didn't buy a seat for the game! Since it doesn't fit his puny head, of course, I kept it as his first Mother's Day gift to me. My husband's gift was watching the baby this morning while I slept an extra two hours! (He does that pretty often, though).

Oh, and the best thing? The M's actually won for a change!

Here's the gang - three sisters, two husbands, and three munchkins, along with some more pictures from the day:


Pam said...

ack, milo! so cute! love the onesie, too, what i can see of it. :)

mandi said...

he is a cutie!

Jesse said...

Wish I'd been in town for the picnic and see everyone! Glad you lot got a good Mother's Day outing!