Saturday, May 17, 2008

Heat wave!

Seattle is in the midst of a two-day heat wave. We got all the way up into the balmy 80s today. I hope no old people die.

Life is full, in a wonderful way. My oldest sister and her family are visiting, and my aunt arrived on Wednesday. Jorge has started a rowing class out on the lake, which taxes his coordation-challenged body, but he is enjoying it. While he rows, I go walking around the lake. Today everyone in the park was cheerful and quick with a friendly greeting, backing up my theory that the miserable aloofness we suffer at the hands of Seattlites is due to the crummy weather.

I also reconnected with two old friends from high school over the last week, one of whom is pregnant. It was kind of fun to play the role of wise maternal advisor, and not have to feel guilty about having not much to talk about apart from pregnancy and motherhood.

This weekend promises to bring even more fun - the Seattle Cheese Festival is on (I have been anxiously awaiting this event for months,) and tomorrow we are taking my nephew out to ride a train in the mountains. He is crazy about just about anything with wheels, so it will be fun to see his reaction.

As for Milo, we are figuring things out. He is getting a bit more fun and interesting every day, and we're getting better at understanding his needs. He likes to be held most of the time, but slowly he's getting able to entertain himself for short periods. He likes the usual baby things: eating, bathtime, and spraying people with bodily fluids. He's also a big fan of sucking. Turns out his father's nose is the perfect size and shape to be a pacifier:


Blue Tarp Girl said...

That picture is squee worthy! I am glad to see y'all are doing well.