Wednesday, October 31, 2007

There's no Halloween in Malawi

They've never heard of it. So today, I decided to bring the celebrations to the office. We finished work an hour early and had candy, soft drinks, and a special Halloween cake I brought from the U.S. (from a mix - cheating, I know).

I explained that in the U.S. on this day, children get dressed up in costumes and go to people's houses to ask for candy. I could not say why. My colleagues asked me:
  • "What kind of costumes" - I said "Scary, or silly. The boys like the scary costumes and the girls like to be princesses."
  • "Does everyone celebrate this holiday?" - "I don't think Jehovah's Witnesses observe it."
  • "What are these things in the cake?" - "They're chocolate sprinkles. The orange ones are for pumpkins, which we make lanterns out of, and the black ones are for...bats and witches." (This got some strange looks).
  • "Do you have any more holidays we can celebrate?" - "We can have a party for Thanksgiving next month!"
  • "What do you do for Thanksgiving?" - "Um, we eat. A lot." (It was agreed that this was a holiday worth celebrating).


Dad said...

Have they heard of Guy Fawkes' Day (Bonfire Night)? It was probably celebrated by Nyasaland's colonial overlords.

Miriam said...

Good for you spreading Halloween cheer across the world. I have to say that Wednesday is the worst day for Halloween though! Now I have to deal with 26 students on a sugar high trying to sneak candy out of their desks for the next two days!

Dad said...

We had a 200% increase over our previous highest number of little monsters. Six! Word of our generosity must be spreading!