Thursday, October 11, 2007

And I thought my husband was trouble

Here's an excerpt from today's newspaper:
Woman in for Stabbing Husband

A quarrel over food shortage in a Blantyre-based family ended tragically when the wife allegedly drove a screwdriver into the husband's ribs.

Police in Blantyre say the deceased met his fate on Saturday night after returning home from a three-day drinking spree. The wife allegedly accused the man of neglecting the family.

"When he returned home at around 9 PM on Saturday, his wife bitterly complained to him that he left them to starve...because he did not leave any money to cater for them. The woman then asked the man to provide for that night's supper," said Blantyre Police spokesperson Elizabeth Divala.

She said a fight ensued between the man and his wife, and in the process he is said to have produced the screwdriver with which he allegedly threatened to stab his wife.

"Because the man was too drunk, the woman overpowered him and grabbed the screwdriver and stabbed him with it in the ribs," alleged Divala.

Funny, I have a hard time feeling sorry for the guy.