Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Jesus and Mary

No, this is not going to be a religious post. Jesus and Mary are my friends who just got married last month. Mary has been my closest friend since college, where we lived next door to each other. She was the one who always had enough good sense to keep me from getting into the trouble I naturally gravitated toward, but still shared my goofy tendencies - like giddy enthusiasm, a love of Christmas carols, and eating an entire box of crackers for dinner.

Mary met Jesus right around when we graduated, about 8 years ago, and I gave up asking "so when are you guys getting married?" about 3 years ago. so when Jesus finally popped the question, I was so happy to get to be a part of her big day.

So here are some pictures from her beautiful wedding in September.

All the American University alums, at the rehearsal dinner

Those buttons were a pain in the neck to get done.

Mary, looking beautiful.

Francisca, Mary's old college roommate, and still a good friend of mine

Mary, on realizing that her dad, who was supposed to accompany her to the church, already left!

Me in the limo.

Hot Bridesmaid

It's blurry, but I thought this photo of Mary and her dad was sweet.

Mary and Jesus, officially hitched in the eyes of the Catholic Church

Mr. and Mrs. Reyes

Mary and me at the reception.


Dad said...

It looks to me as if the hot bridesmaid was having a wonderful time!

Miriam said...

So fun! I crack up every time I think about the fact that Mary married Jesus, a little incestuous if you ask me... Those dresses are very cute!