Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Update on my crappy vacation

Yep, this trip, too, has joined the travel rubbish bin. And it started out so promisingly.

The Thai embassy in Cambodia says it will take 3 days for Jorge to get a new visa. This depite the fact that he has a very recent Thai visa, already having demonstrated his fitness to enter the country, and that his wife is stuck in Thailand bored to tears. The Thai have no hearts. That whole smiling-all-the-time thing is just a cover-up for the withered, bitter souls living inside them.

So pretty much this part of the trip sucks almost unequivocably. I am spending four days at a romantic beach hideaway where everyone looks at me like a freak for being by myself. "Just one?" has become the refrain of my day. "Towel, please." "Just one?" As I sit down for breakfast: "Just one?" "Can I get the shuttle into town?" "Just one?"

I went into the main part of town for the afternoon, thinking it would kill the better part of a day. I managed to fill up two hours with eating and shopping, but now have two more hours to wait until the shuttle picks me back up. I am completely at a loss for things to do. Which is why I'm here writing right now.

I did finally manage to pick up Harry Potter, so tomorrow my plan is to lounge around the pool all day reading. And I have been proactive and booked myself on a snorkelling trip for Thursday, so hopefully the time will pass quickly until Friday.

But it makes me wonder: Do other people have as many problems when they travel, and they just don't complain as much? I haven't had a snag-free holiday since my honeymoon 3 years ago. Am I just being a big baby by wanting to lock myself in my hotel room for the next 72 hours?


Miriam said...

Hey my dear! It's Katie (at Miriam's house)...I'm coming....hold on!!!! Thailand IS great....I will make up for the shittyness when I get there! I'll be flying in on Thursday around noon, so come on over and we can wallow in visa pity while at my pool sipping mai tais. :)