Monday, July 30, 2007

This is why the blog is called "Misadventures"

So, we've had a really nice time so far in Thailand and Cambodia. Easy to travel around, people are friendly, yadda yadda yadda.

So today I am on my way to Ko Samui for some beach time. You might notice the use of the singular personal pronoun there. That is because Jorge is not with me. He is still in Cambodia.

I think people think I am exaggerating when I say crappy stuff happens to me all the time. They believe I'm just being dramatic. No, I'm really not.

Who was it that said that madness was trying the same thing over and over again, but expecting a different result? And yet I continue to travel. I plan, I deliberate, I book, I arrange. And then the reality of being Gwyneth steps in.

When we were preparing for the trip, we sent Jorge's passport away to Kenya for a Thailand visa. We ordered (and paid for) a multiple entry visa so that we could stop in Cambodia. Apparently the travel agent we used messed up, or pocketed the extra cash, because what Jorge actually got was a single-entry visa, which we discovered today when the airplane refused to let him on the plane. So now Jorge is trying to get to Phnom Penh, and hoping they will do an expedited visa (naturally, Siem Reap, the place in Cambodia that gets the most foreign visitors, has no Thai consulate). Then he wil have to try to find flights to Samui. All at our expense, of course.

Funny thing is, yesterday was the first time we'd had any problems, and I was going to write a big post about it, but now this new turn of events seems to have dwarfed the little incident. We were trying to go out to the lake near Angkor Wat, and ran into a piggish little man who would not let us rent a boat unless we paid more than the ticket price. He said it was more expensive for us because we were two people, despite the fact that there is a set ticket price for the boat. When we tried to share a boat with other people, he would try to prevent us from speaking to them, and then would tell them they couldn't let us ride with them. And then there was a selfish English couple who refused to let us share the boat with them. It's a 15-seater boat, people. They made me ashamed of my heritage. We ended up turning around and going back to the hotel. May the Karma be swift and terrible upon him.

So now I'm off for my romantic beach vacation, where I will sit in my room and wait for phone calls from my husband. And the worst thing is that I planned on consoling myself with a copy of Harry Potter and the WHOLE BANGKOK AIRPORT is sold out. If there is such a thing as reincarnation I must have been a right a-hole in my last life.


Dad said...

Oh Gwyneth, what a shame. These visa and passport people seem to make such a mess of things. There are loads of people here who have had trips ruined because of the enormous passport backlog at the passport office.
There's not much you can do but have as good a time as possible while Jorge tries to catch up with you.
I hope it doesn't take too long nor cost too much.

Jesse said...

Sorry to hear about you taking solo the supposed romantic couple's beach fun. On the upside, at least your journey with Harry Potter is being prolonged - I finished in less than 24 hours and think I'm in a slight depression about the whole wizarding business ending.