Wednesday, July 11, 2007

It's a big day today!


Holy cow. That sounds so...grown up. I remember being a kid when "30-somethings" was the big hit show, and those people had such crazy, dramatic, event-filled lives. And they were old. I'm nothing like those people, I swear.

So, today is much like any other day. Off to work in the morning, plenty to do. Jorge picked me up for lunch, which was a nice treat. Tonight we are having a handful of friends over for dinner - we've got pizza dough and all the toppings, so everyone can make their own creation. Pizza has become a bit of a tradition on my birthday (yes, original, I know. I'm right there with every grade-school kid in America). But that's only because on the last two years we couldn't find a good restaurant open - first it was a Monday (a lot of New Orleans restaurants close on Mondays), then it was post-Katrina - so pizza was the default option. Still, I do love me some pizza, so I'm not complaining.

Jorge has been all a-twitter getting everything ready for tonight. He's quite the Betty Crocker these days. He's particularly proud of his homemade strawberry daquiris, and has been obsessing over which pan to bake my cake in. So cute.

But, since it is a big milestone I suppose I should have a proper Moment of Reflection. Here goes:

Hey - 30's not so bad! I have a great husband, a good job in my chosen career, and I am living my dream of getting to see the world. And not a wrinkle to show for it. ;-)


Jennifer said...

Happy Birthday, Gwyn!!! Here's a good way to look back at your twenties - you've done more and been more places than most of us will in a lifetime.

And you do have fabulous skin!


Dad said...

Happy birthday!
I remember when I was in my last year at elementary school we were visited be a couple of the previous year's students who had gone on to secondary school. They seemed so grown-up!! They must have been 12.
These days it seems to me that a lot of old people haven't lived as long as I have.
Anyway, you weren't even around when I was thirty, so believe me when I say a lot of really good things can still come your way.

Chris said...

Happy Birthday, Gwyneth!! But you are showing your lack-of age. The show was called "thirtysomething". And even *I* (the person you called "old" when I was 24, thpt!) thought they were ancient. Enjoy your pizza! Then have your cake and it too. :-)

LEX said...

Happy Birthday GWYNTH!!!
You sure do have it all!
Sip a daquiri for me!

Anonymous said...

I hope your Birthday was alot of fun and many memories!