Saturday, February 7, 2009

I think I have consumption. It won't be long before I am pale and weak, coughing blood into a dainty hankerchief while lying fetchingly on a chaise lounge. Wait, that was "La Boheme"... At any rate, I have a nasty cough. It keeps me up at night and my voice is shot. I can't even begin to describe how much it sucks.

Oh, also, I am in Ireland. Hey, surprise! Isn't my life one interesting turn of events after the next? I had an interview today (with the organization I already work for), and they wanted me to interview in person, because it's a pretty high profile job for them. I think I did alright, but do you know that feeling when you leave an interview, and you have no idea what you actually said? It's all sort of a nervy blur. So what do I know, maybe I was a total ass. I guess I'll find out in a few weeks.

It is cold here. This has clearly not helped my tuberculosis. But on the plus side, I have free wireless in my hotel, and I have done a bit of shopping, which is really the important thing. Organic baby toothpaste! Quinoa! Gnocchi! Yay!

Tomorrow I fly back to Malawi, which means I will have spent about 60 hours traveling, and only 44 hours in Dublin. Not a good balance, really.


Amy said...

I hate interviews. I just want to say "you'll like me, trust me, and I can do this well, just hire me and we can all be done." Errol said that won't work. But it would be nice.

Jesse said...

Here's hoping you land back in Malawi sans cough.