Friday, October 31, 2008

Pics from our last safari

What, you say? Another safari? Why yes! And just look what I spotted - A baby giraffe!

Yay! I caught it! I'm taking this one home!

Uh-oh, he doesn't look too happy about that plan.

Give it time, kid. You'll warm up to me.

See! I'll be a great giraffe-mommy, I promise! I'll give you lots of leaves to eat, and put you in nice fuzzy turtleneck sweaters when it's cold.



Blue Tarp Girl said...

Oh I just want to eat him up, that is too cute!!!!

Joan said...

Ooooh catch one for me too. Love to you all.

mandi said...

he is so adorable!!!

Jesse said...

stinking cute! Love to you all and healthy wishes!