Monday, October 6, 2008

More photos

Thanks everyone for your kind thoughts and prayers for Godfrey and his family. He and his family traveled down to Mulanje for the burial this weekend, and he is returning this week. I don't know yet what the plans are for the children, but I'm hoping the littlest can come to our house during the day because she's just so darn cute. Jorge spoke with Godfrey on Saturday and said he sounds a bit better. To lose your spouse when they are still quite young is not an unusual thing here, unfortunately, and he's coping as well as he can with the support of friends.

Since I have them here in the office, I am taking the easy blog option and posting some pictures from our last week in Seattle. Jorge's brother came to visit, and one day we drove off to Deception Pass, on Whidbey Island. It's a beloved place where I spent many summer vacations camping as a child.

Don't you just love Milo's outfit?

Milo napping with his Uncle Ed

Yep, that's Milo being stoned. Just a few second before he decided to roll over and try to eat the rocks. We're good parents.


Jesse said...

Oh my gods! Where did you get Milo's hat? I want one of those!

Tina said...

Poor kid, he has Jorge's ears!! He is absolutely adorable!

Miriam said...

Man He is soooo cute! I need to see some updated photos though! I know he looks like a completely different baby with a month gone by. His Auntie Miriam needs to see photos!