Monday, February 11, 2008

I give in

So, I try not to write too much about the whole baby thing, because I strongly feel that it's just one of the many interesting things going on in my life. But all it seems anyone ever wants to hear about, or see, or talk to me about, is my pregnancy. The baby seems to have trumped all else.

So here ya' go. Me, pregnant. About 32 weeks along. Woo. hoo.

Personally, I think my belly looks a bit bigger and lumpier than normal in this photo, because I've got two shirts on underneath the dress. But you get the general idea. I am one cute pregnant lady, if you ask me.

At this time, I guess I can answer all the other questions I get on an almost daily basis:

  • I feel fine. No, seriously, I mean it.
  • I am not going to tell you how much weight I have gained.
  • Boy or girl? I dunno.
  • No, we haven't picked out a name yet.
  • And we won't be naming him/her after [insert random family relation, especially those with obscure, guttural Spanish names].
  • I am not craving anything.
  • Nope, I cannot kiss my own stomach (Really, I have been asked this).
  • I am planning on having the baby in Seattle.
  • We will be arriving in the U.S. on February 25th.
  • I get six months' maternity leave, then I am planning on returning to Malawi for another year.
  • Yes, of course we are excited.

Did I miss anything?


pam said...

you look great! 32 weeks already? where has the time gone??

mary carstens said...

you look fabulous. no, stunning. and beautiful. and skinny!

Jennifer said...

Yes, you missed one? "Can I touch it?" HA HA HA HA HA

Bonnie Jacobs said...

You are looking great for someone who's "got de baby" ... congratulations!

Come on over to Bonnie’s Books ( Dress up because I’m having an awards ceremony complete with gala. And do bring along your acceptance speech, though the producers are asking that each person receiving an award please limit your speech to five minutes ... save your longer comments for your own blog, when you pass along the award(s).

Tina said...

Of course we only care about the are just the vessel! You look great...hmm...looks like I may have to go have some real coffee!!!!

Cicely said...

Gwyneth!!! Yippeee my questions are answered, along with actually pictures of you with a big bump!! Congratulations for finishing work, and I hope that the next 6 months are a pleasure in the US! Hopefully I'll see you at some point later this year. I'm starting the whole job hunting process again now, and looking at a job in Zimbabwe with Concern! Fingers crossed. Speak soon XXX

Jesse said...

So I guess I really will see you in the states this year! Yeah! And Jorge and the babe too, of course... But if after that you are only projecting one year in Malawi, I'd better get my butt down there before I move to NZ, hadn't I? Looking forward to seeing you and hoping the last bit of the pregnancy goes as well as the whole first bit seems to!