Monday, February 18, 2008

Belle of the ball

One of the nicer compliments my sister ever paid me was something along the lines of "Oh, Gwyneth, you're not an're more of a...butterfly." Meaning, of course, that I just flit from here to there without always having an evident purpose.

This weekend I definitely felt like a butterfly, but in a good, social, way. The last week was full of activity. It started out with a nice dinner with friends at a very strange new, Chinese-run, restaurant, where every other dish we ordered was met with "oh won't like that one" by the petite little Asian waitress. (We overrided her protestations and were pleasantly surprised with how much we like the food indeed).

Then on Thursday my friend Leslie had her second annual Valentine's Day party. Here is a picture of me posing as Jorge's fallen-from-grace prom date (ooh, and you can see my new haircut as well!):

On Friday we went out again with friends, this time to an Ethiopian restaurant. Mmmm, injera.

Saturday was pretty packed - we drove out to the dam for our last sailing day for a long while. On the way there we rescued a slow-moving chameleon from the road. After crushing Jorge's poor little hopes ("Can we keep it? Pleeease?") we relocated the little guy to the relative luxury of the sailing club, where I learned that Malawians are terrified of chameleons (the poor guide almost turned white). The poor lizard was then taunted for an hour by small children wielding sticks, until he escaped up a tree. I just hope he doesn't have a little lizard wife and kids sitting at home wondering why dad never came home...

That evening there were two parties to attend; yes, yours truly is very much sought-after.

On Sunday we went to church, which was Jorge's idea, so rather surprising, really. He has decided that now we are to become parents, we need to start pretending to be good, moral people, so as to fool the kids for as long as possible. After church we went to brunch at a friend's house, where I think I ate my weight in homemade bagels. Finally, yesterday evening, after Jorge's ultimate frisbee game, a friend threw a little potluck dinner to wish us farewell, which was nice.

Now I am just focusing on getting through one last work-week. I am ready for a break from work!


Miriam said...

Okay Gwyneth, I'm sitting here with Joy and we want to know which sister told you that you were more like a butterfly! I think it sounds like something Joy would say, but she doesn't remember it. You look great! I like the new haircut. Kind of looks like mine...

Gwyneth said...

Doofus, it was you! I think I was in college then.