Monday, November 26, 2007

My second-favorite souvenir from Thailand

OK, you already know my favorite souvenir. But here's a picture of him/her at 18 weeks, just in case you forgot (lord, I can't believe I'm actually putting this on the web):

But the very-next-best-thing in the whole world right now are my jellies. How do I love them? Let me count the ways:

  • They are oh-so-comfy and flexible
  • They go well with all colors: black, brown, navy, pink...
  • They have sparkles
  • They look great with both pants and skirts
  • They cost a whopping 3 dollars
  • You can walk straight through puddles in them without worrying about messing them up
I don't know why we ever let jelly shoes go out of style. Those Thai people are so smart. That's why they do better on math and science tests than us silly Americans.


Dawn said...

I'm jealy of your jellies.

Jesse said...

I remember jellies biting into my feet as the day wore on and swelling occured.

And thank you for being a true blogger friend and posting the belly shot! It really is lovely to see and be a part of, even half a world away!

Katie said...

ahhh FUN! I'm soo glad that your jellies worked out for you... AND I'm glad I was there for your second favorite Thailand souvenir...but i'm glad i wasn't there for your first favorite thailand souvenir...that would have been very odd, as i had just met you and Jorge. : )

LEX said...

I love the beautiful pearl belly and your cute jellies!

I can't wait to meet the babe.

mary carstens said...



You look great!

shutupproust said...

ZOMG! Okay, I've been very bad about reading anyone's blog because of the move, but now I finally catch up and LOOK what you've been up to! Mazel tov to you both--to all three of you. Very, very exciting.