Wednesday, November 21, 2007

...and what I'm thankful for

I guess I just sort of blew by the whole Thankgiving theme, didn't I? OK, in the spirit of the season, here goes:

I am thankful:
  • That chemo did not destroy my fertility
  • That my husband is such a stud wonderful man
  • To have had parents who taught me all I really needed to know about being a loving human being
  • That I get paid in Euros, not dollars
  • To have a U.S. passport, which is kinda useful if you want to cross borders.
  • That I did not inherit my father's horrible eyesight
  • That everyone in my family gets along
  • To have seen so much of the world already
  • For all the wonderful people who invented so many kinds of delicious cheese


Mary said...

Happy Thanksgiving from New Orleans!!!