Saturday, June 23, 2007

It's a Good Thing

I'm a big fan of Martha Stewart. Yes, I know she's a criminal, bourgeois control freak, but I'm really a "take people as they are" sort of gal, so I let it slide. After all, she's the woman who taught me to make shot glasses out of cucumbers, how to bake bananas foster, and innovative new uses for soup tureens.

So to return the favor, I thought I'd let Martha in on a little idea I have for a new story:

Good Things on Sticks

Think about all the nice things that come on sticks:

Corn dogs
Scare Crows
Chicken Satay
Tiki Torches

And from Malawi, two new entries sure to take the culinary world by storm:

Mice on a stick

and Little Birds on Sticks

No need to thank me, Martha. Just make sure I get a piece of the action if "Mice on a Stick" goes global and gets a mall food-court franchise. I can see the goofy hats already...


Dad said...

You didn't include recipes!
Martha would have.

Joy said...

We've been having peas-on-a-stick at home. It takes forever to stick peas on skewers, but it gets the toddler to eat them...

the freak said...

When I was in the Phillipines with the military at Subic Bay I consumed monkey on a stick. It was yummy too!.