Friday, July 9, 2010

And a few more minutes... here are a few more photos. We are on our way out the door for another weekend trip. This weekend we are going to Mount Mulanje, the third highest race in Africa. Every year they have a race there, where the porters - you know, the guys you pay to carry your bags up the hill for you? - race up the mountain, across it, then come flying down the side, often barefoot. Every year a few crazy foreigners also run (usually coming in a few hours after the porters) and Jorge is running again this year.

Also, I'm turning 33 on Sunday. ::shudder::

So we've rented a nice house on a tea estate, and will spend the weekend with another family who are friends of ours.

Anyway, here are some more pictures from Zambia:


Blue Tarp Girl said...

I feel you flirt just fine, and people have plenty of interest in you. ;) Plus you take really nice photos that make me want to come visit you even more, and not just because I could eat Milo up with a spoon! :)

Suzanne said...

Miss you. Photos are awesome!

Amanda said...

I forogt we share a birthday! Happy 33rd. I am turning the dreaded 30! AH. Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

Chris Johnson said...

Great shots, Gwyn. Watch the color balance on the giraffe close-up, it looks way off.