Monday, October 19, 2009

Lake weekend

Hi everyone! I'm back from a much-needed mini-vacation. Some friends let us borrow their little cottage by Lake Malawi in Senga Bay over the weekend. Last Thursday was a holiday (Mother's Day - you have to love Africans for their veneration of the mother - the whole country gets the day off to pamper or be pampered, depending on their maternal status. Myself, I was a Pamperee. Jorge and Milo were the Pampers. Er, Pamperers.)I took Friday off and we made a nice long weekend out of it.

Apart from the first night, when the housekeeper didn't set up a mosquito net for us and I got eaten alive (please oh please don't let me get malaria!!) and Milo screamed all night long, a nice time was had by all. Milo enjoyed swimming in the lake, I got to read a bit, and Jorge made some use of his favorite hammock. Not too shabby, eh?

Is it a little strange that one of the things I was most looking forward to was cooking for my family? We are so spoiled with Godfrey cooking for us, or at least prepping the meals, most nights, that it was kind of exciting for me to get to do all the work for a change. It was like I was slumming it with the common folks for a few days there. Happy to be back in my little marble palace, though.

Will try to post some photos later tonight, if I can remember!