Monday, September 28, 2009

Something to keep the grand-folks happy

Alright, so after my Debbie Downer post last week, let's have something happy. How about pictures of my adorable offspring?

Oy, those dimples. They kill me.

After Jorge doused him under the garden tap
At a friend's birthday party last weekend
Then he got car-jacked by the birthday boy. I had to put this in to show off the super-cute baby tux and that gorgeous hair.

Finger-painting! Awesome, mom!

OK, now that you're smiling, go call your lawmaker, and tell them you are serious about health care reform!!


Miriam said...

Yeah!!! I love pictures of Milo. He is so cute! I'll contact my legislators again. They can't hear from us too often!

dc writers group said...

Wow...such CUTE pictures....I love the painting one...and him in the bucket...such fun! He is SUCH a HAPPY little sucker. Hope you are doing well...sorry haven't written or called...I've been away celebrating my 2nd anniversary:) Say "hi" to Jorge.

Joan said...

Lovely, lovely pics. Just what a grandma needs to see.

Jesse said...

That finger painting photo is seriously awesome baby art!