Friday, December 12, 2008

Almost everything is sorted now

There's this amazing thing that happens when I complain - the problem goes away! It's like when I'm having trouble with my computer for hours (or more often days) and then I finally give in and call IT, and the minute their car rolls in, the problem resolves itself. I should complain more often. Why haven't I figured this out before?

So yesterday I finally got a response from the man in Kenya who issues the airline tickets. We got the ticket numbers and had the Kenya Airways office here print us out the confirmation. Unfortunately all the bulkhead seats (with the bassinets for babies) are taken now, so it means we'll probably be crammed into some middle seats with a 20-pound child squeezed on top of us for the whole flight. What's really aggravating is that it's always some healthy, 30-something man sitting in the bulkhead seats. Yes, they might be tall, but I have an extra person. Who do you think needs the room more?

Jorge's visa came back quickly - just one week processing time - so perhaps my UK passport isn't useless after all.

Now we just need our passports.

Oh, did I not mention that we don't have our passports? My Malawian residency permit was finally approved a week ago, so I took our passports to the office so they could be processed at Immigration. However, our administrator has yet to travel to Blantyre to do this. But since everything else has worked out OK so far, I am just going to assume that, oh, a few hours before we depart Malawi, I'll finally have everything together for the trip. No use worrying, right?

In other news, Milo is officially crawling. His break-dancing days are over for now, sadly. He also stands up in his crib and screams to be taken out. Not a cute development. And this morning he decided to get up at 4:30. When we finally brought him to our bed at 5:30 out of exhaustion, he peed on our sheets. Jorge as been calling him "turd blossom" ever since.

Today is also our staff Christmas party. I offered to host it at my house. There will be about 30 people, and we already have 120 soft drinks and 50 chairs. That's a Malawian party for you. But I think it will be really fun; I'm sure I'll have stories for you next week.


Lex said...

That is funnt because I call Nola "poon blossom" Because she came form my poon...kinda'...sorta'...

Dad said...

If you weren't leaving from Africa I would suggest you try to get reassigned to bulkhead seats at the checkin. Failing that, see if the people who have them would be prepared to swap. Cute little babies sometimes elicit sympathetic responses. At one year old, Joy got us to the front of a line of VERY frustrated passengers AT THEIR INSISTENCE!

dc writers group said...

Sounds like a fun party:) Hope that you get nice flight attendants that can help ya....or someone that can change with you so you can have a pleasant flight! Have fun...miss ya.

Jesse said...

Just let us know when Milo goes kamakaze and starts his climbing career. First scaling wall: the crib!

Happy holiday party!

Tina said...

I was called pisspot (or the french version...nice that it was translated for the italians) because anytime I was in my little carrier and was put on a table, I peed! HA!!

When are you leaving for this next ridiculous adventure??? So in Africa they have different guidelines on it's ok for the kid to be on your lap??

Anonymous said...

I would not have shared the poon blossum comment! Poor kid!