Monday, September 1, 2008


In less than two weeks, Jorge and I will be flying back to Malawi. Over the last six months we have had many wonderful visits from friends and family, and several great trips out of town as well. By my reckoning, in Milo's first 5 months of life, we have spent less than two of those just relaxing at home without guests.

So, even though we love spending time with our guests, it has been a bit exhausting. My grandmother used to be fond of saying that houseguests are a bit like fish. After three days, they really start to stink.

But sometimes it's even worse. Sometimes they also punch holes in your bathroom wall.

Our friend Jonathan, who visited in July, generously offered to help my sister with a re-wiring project she had planned for her guest bathroom. Unfortunately, the project turned out to be a bit more complicated than planned. He punched one hole. Miriam left for the evening, reassured that it would be patched up before the night was over. Instead she came home to this:

Apparently he made the mistake of asking Miriam's boyfriend for help. He turns out to have a great enthusiasm for punching holes. When Tampa showed up with a crowbar and a sledgehammer, Jorge had the sense to put on the brakes. Poor Jonathan couldn't enjoy the rest of his vacation until it was fixed, though. He promised to fix the holes. First he patched them:

Then he smoothed the wall over (with help).

Finally, Miriam painted and added a new mirror. Here's the finished product:

So sometimes houseguests aren't so bad after all!


Jorge said...

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Gwyneth said...

Normally I delete spammy messages like this one, but the grammar is so horrific and amusing I think I will actually leave it up. How do these people find me?!

Chris said...

Spam? I thought it was from Jorge! ;-)

Joy H said...

I hope that my comment will also be of your affability.

Nice of them to give you a hug!

The bathroom change looks great - now all she needs to do is change the sink color, and she's ready for HGTV.

Katie said...

Hahahaha... I thought it was Jorge too...

And the bathroom looks AWESOME! Nice work everyone!

Anonymous said...

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