Sunday, July 6, 2008

And we have a roller!

Happy 4th of July everyone. It was always one of my favorite holidays - picnics, fireworks...and it's one week before my birthday, so I knew the countdown to gifts and cake was on. Yesterday we spent the day with my grandparents. It was so wonderful to see how much delight my Paga took in his great-grandson. The two of them hit it off like gangbusters.

Speaking of Milo, one area (of many) in which we are lax is in giving him "tummy time". For those of you without kids, supposedly you are meant to put babies down on their stomachs for 15 minutes a day, so they can develop their neck muscles, and avoid getting a flat spot on the backs of their heads. Since Milo's head is a pleasingly round shape, and his neck seems pretty strong to me, I just never get around to this. But today, since I was at my super-mom sister's house, I put him down on his tummy just so I didn't look like a bad parent. And much to my surprise, Milo rolled right over! And did it again, and again! Until he bumped his head on his cousin's train set and started to cry.

Well, we've got visitors now, so I have to run. We're in L.A. until Wednesday, then another round of visitors begins in Seattle. The fun never ends!


Pam said...

milo is such an overachiever! :P

Lex said...

"Tummy time" is waaaaay overrated! If you wear him in a sling he will natually lift his head and develop his balence.

Laurie Johnson said...

Please tell your brother in law to post photos of the boys!!!! Surely he's taking tons of pictures.

I was slack on the tummy time thing too and my kids are pretty coordinated in spite of my neglect.

Chris said...

We did manage to get Milo's 2nd roll ever on video! So maybe we'll put it on YouTube! :-)

Said brother-in-law here... We took lots of piccies yesterday. Will try and get them up soon!

Laurie said...

Howdy brother-in-law! I can NOT wait to see the videos!!!!