Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Things on cars

All throughout Africa, you'll find that cars are decorated with little slogans, religious sayings, strange bumper stickers. One of my favorites was spotted on the back of a truck heading into Blantyre on the M1:

“Even Dirty Old Men Need Loving Too.”


On the way to work today, the car in front of us bore a sticker saying, “This car protected by the blood of Jesus,” which prompted the following exchange:

Me: “Jorge, did you remember to get the blood insurance?”
Jorge: “No, I forgot.”
Me: “Well, what kind of protection do we have then? Is this car at least protected by the toenail of Jesus?”
Jorge: “No, you wouldn’t want the toenail insurance. It’s too small.”
Me: “So, the toenail of Jesus would just protect a headlight or something?”
Jorge: “That’s right. But he had a lot of blood, so that would cover the whole car.”
Me: “So we need something big. How about the intestines of Jesus?”
Jorge: “Yeah, that would work. That would scare people away.”


Jesse said...

You always have been one of my favourite Christians. I love you.

Brandi said...

hehe, good conversation... sounds like something that would go on between me and Aaron :)