Friday, May 11, 2007

Please rescue me from blog mediocrity!

Today I discovered that there are at least 2 other blogs out there with "Misadventures" and "Malawi" in their names. I was mortified.

Unfortunately, I have never been much good at coming up with snappy names for things. So those of you who know me, any suggestions for a new name for my blog that represents me and my life?



Anonymous said...

When I do a blog title search on Misadvenures in Malawi, yours is the only one I get. And the blog is far from mediocre.
Having said that, if you insert the name "Gwyneth" into the title you will immediately elevate it well above mediocrity.

Anonymous said...

I've got 'misadventures' in my tag line, but I figure we're using a good, big word (at least for the bulk of americans, though none in our circles of course!).

I think your dad's right - just put your name in front of it all and voila!

Besides, do those other Malawi blogs have Ludacris quotes on 'em? I doubt it, cool lady that you are!

Miriam said...

After your story about Jorge's trip up the mountain I can't really think of a better word than 'misadventures' to describe what you are guys are doing over there. I thought of you the other day when I was in a meeting sitting in front of a paper covered with acronyms.

Gwyneth said...

Man, you guys are no help. Here were some ideas I came up with on a recent long drive down to Blantyre:

Two song titles I like:
Long Time Gone
Many Rivers to Cross

"The Expat Files" - but I'm sure that's been done many-a-time.

"Plumpy Nutter - fattening the world one kid at a time" (I peddle this peanut butter stuff called Plumpy Nut like it's crack.)

"Adventures in Gwynnieland". Or just "Gwynnieland".

Any faves?

Chris Johnson said...

How about "Misadventures in Gwynnieland." Though that might be a bit redundant. ;-)

Amy said...

Hahaha I likes Chris and your idea, I was thinking the same, Gwynnieland. But I just switched phones recently and had to google your website to set it up again as a bookmark and it was the top option with Adventures Malawi and Gwyneth. Shoot I like your current name too, I'm no help.