Friday, January 12, 2007

Country Number 32

I visited Zambia at Christmas, which means I am still keeping to at least one country per year of my life. I've now been to 32 countries, or 14% of the world's total. That's if you count the Vatican, which sort of seems like cheating, but hey. So here's where I've been in my short 29 years:

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These maps always make me feel like there are so many more places that I have yet to go to.

More details on the Zambia trip to follow.


Dad said...

Out of curiosity I counted mine: only 31! (Not counting transit stops in Ireland, Uganda ad the Arab Emirates.

I must get a move on. If only it weren't for all these weddings!!

Joy said...

I'm only up to 22, with no more expected in the near future.

But at least mine are very well distributed across the globe! Just gotta get South America and Antarctica...

Dad said...

Well, it looks as though Rhianna read my post :-)